WAVE-4 securely transports four standing passengers and has the smallest footprint of any rigid carrier for standing passengers.

Render of WAVE-4


Robust, reinforced stainless steel structure, protecting from side impacts.

Smallest footprint of any four-person transfer device. Convenient for landing, shipping and storage.

EVA foam shock absorbing, durable landing feet. Providing passenger protection during landing.

Providing overhead and side impact protection. Floating and self-righting in the case of immersion.

Stabilisers secure passengers to prevent falling.

Easy eye-level connecting sling and easy access for pre-transfer inspections.

Designated secure space for easy transfer of luggage.


WAVE-4 brings all the benefits of a seated transfer carrier to a product for standing passengers.

  • Convenient for landing, storage, and shipping, with the smallest footprint of any rigid basket or device.
  • Simple maintenance schedule, reduced maintenance downtime.
  • Secure passenger positioning with added security from vertical safety restraints.
  • Buoyant and self-righting in case of immersion.
  • Easy MedEvac mode: slide-in stretcher, in case of immersion the casualty remains above the waterline.
  • Rapid entry and exit from clear access points.
  • Ideal for low volume routine crew transfers, medical evacuations and as part of a contingency plan.

The WAVE story

During the last 25 years, Reflex Marine carriers have safely transferred millions of passengers. Using industry experience and feedback, we’ve developed WAVE to focus on passenger experience, cost efficiency and ease of ownership.

Testing and verification

WAVE-4 has been subjected to the same rigorous testing program as all of our transfer carriers to verify our design, calculations and operational guidance.

  • Vertical impact: 2.14m/s drop test with accelerometers (equivalent to a 2.0m SWH) PASS
  • Lateral impact: 2m/s PASS
  • Immersion: Floating and self-righting at 90° and 180° PASS

Accessories and replacement parts

Holding a stock of replacement parts means your device is ready when you are. As a result, you’ll benefit from reduced lead times, less downtime and lower packing and freighting costs.

You can also buy a range of accessories alongside WAVE to enhance your operations. These are available at point of sale, directly from us as you need them, or from your local approved partner.

Buy, rent or lease

Manufactured in the UK, all products are stocked at our base in Aberdeen. Many are also available regionally, in a location convenient for you, through our Partner Network. All carriers are fully inspected and supplied with certification and supporting documents.

If you need a personnel transfer carrier for a short period of time, or would simply like to trial one before purchasing, we offer a rental option. This is an ideal solution for reducing downtime while your existing carriers are serviced, or for providing extra transfer capacity during the construction phase of a project.

Our rental and leasing terms are very flexible, and we’ll happily work with you to create a tailored agreement that meets your needs. 

Contact our experienced sales team or one of our approved partners to find out more or request a quotation.

Product Dimensions Operational limits Passengers Max Gross Weight Temperature Features
W1 1710mm / 67"
W2 1710mm / 67"
2336mm / 92"
Operational limits
Significant wave height (SWH) up to 2m / 6'6"
Wind speed up to 40 knots / 20m/s
Passengers 4 persons or 1 person plus stretcher Max Gross Weight 850kg / 1874lbs Temperature
Standard -20°C to +50°C
(-4ºF to +122ºF)
Arctic Not specified
  • MedEvac Mode
  • ABS Statement of Fact (by request)