TORO-4 was a low-volume transfers solution designed to offer an advanced user experience.

Render of TORO

The TORO story

The TORO-4 personnel transfer carrier has now been retired from Reflex Marine range of products. Reflex Marine continue to support the TORO-4 users comprehensively until 2026 or until the end of recommended product lifespan (whichever comes sooner). This means that all spare and replacement parts will still be available for this product. We will also continue to offer support, training and advice for all TORO-4 users. 

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Optimised for the offshore environment, the TORO-4 was conceived and created with customer value in mind. High performance materials meant it was built to last, while a low number of replaceable parts made maintenance easy. 

Today, there are still nearly 50 TORO-4 devices operating worldwide, with clients including Dolphin Energy, ConocoPhillips and E.ON.

The TORO-4 was designed, verified and built to the highest possible industry-recognised standards.

  • ABS Type Approved
  • CE Marked
  • Built to ISO9001:2000 standards

Incorporating design principles from our existing carriers, the TORO-4 sets high standards for protection, comfort and value.

  • Easy to land and store in tight spaces due to its small footprint.
  • Ships in a standard sea container.
  • Cost efficient, with a long lifespan and low-maintenance design.
  • Quick to enter and exit.
  • Fast conversion to MedEvac mode.
Product Dimensions Operational limits Passengers Max Gross Weight Temperature Features
W1 1988mm / 79"
W2 2109mm / 83"
2089mm / 84"
Operational limits
Significant wave height (SWH) up to 4m / 8'2"
Wind speed up to 40 knots / 20m/s
Passengers 4 persons or 2 persons plus stretcher Max Gross Weight 815kg / 1794lbs Temperature
Standard -20°c to +50
(-4°F to +122°F)
Arctic Not specified
  • MedEvac Mode
  • ABS Statement of Fact (by request)