With over 25 years experience in the industry we’re well equipped to support your entire transfer operations. You can benefit from our industry-specific knowledge, technical expertise and worldwide contacts.

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Read more about Crew Transfer

Crew Transfer

To fully understand the risks involved in marine personnel transfer, it’s essential to study past incidents and identify where the dangers lie.

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Read more about Golden Rules

Golden Rules

The Golden Rules incorporate all the experience and learning gained by three companies in over ten years of performing millions of safe crane transfers.

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Read more about HSE and Legislation

HSE and Legislation

Where there are offshore operations, people need to be moved. Personnel transfer is one of the most critical and high risk activities for the offshore industry.

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Read more about Marine Transfer Forum

Marine Transfer Forum

People all over the world face the same kind of industry challenges and questions as you. Our forums are a way to share feedback, information and experience.

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