Partner Network

We’ve created a global network of approved partners; meaning operational support is always available on your doorstep.

Our Partner Network has been supporting clients around the globe for over two decades, ensuring that a Reflex Marine representative will always be nearby, wherever you are.

The Partner Network is comprised of approved partners that undergo rigourous auditing processes, so we can be confident in their abilities to support you.

With shared values of quality, customer service, best practice, ethics and integrity Reflex Marine and their partners are excited to be working together to better serve and develop global client support.
Philip Strong, CEO Reflex Marine
The Reflex Marine support, training and maintenance team pose with two FROG devices.

Approved Service Partners

All Approved Service Partners have completed our partner qualification process and have been approved to deliver servicing and maintenance on Reflex Marine products.

Benefits of having your carrier serviced by an Approved Service Partner:

  • All work is carried out by technicians trained by Reflex Marine, giving you confidence.
  • Genuine manufacturer parts, ensuring quality standards are maintained.
  • Conveniently located around the world enabling efficient servicing and minimising your downtime.
  • Excellent customer service.
Two men in warehouse posing with a Reflex Marine FROG transfer device.

Approved Training Partners

Our Approved Training Partners are supporting clients in multiple regions. All training partners have been trained by Reflex Marine to guarantee quality and consistency.

  • Training can be carried out on or offshore depending on the clients’ needs.
  • Experienced trainers with local knowledge.
  • Familiarisation and inspection and maintenance courses are available.
Three Reflex Marine FROG devices outside a Nord Marine Services Limited warehouse.

Approved Distribution Partners

Located around the world, all Approved Distribution Partners have completed the partner qualification process and are fully endorsed by Reflex Marine.

How this benefits clients:

  • Extensive knowledge of local regulations and legislation.
  • Knowledge of transport and customs requirements.
  • Conveniently located for efficient delivery.

To find your local Approved Partner please visit the contacts page.