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Personnel Transfer by Crane

Yes, there are many regulations, standards and guidelines applicable to personnel transfer by crane. Visit our HSE and Legislation page to see a comprehensive list. Reflex Marine is a founding member of the Marine Transfer Forum, who in 2016 published a best practice guideline on personnel transfer by crane. Visit www.marinetransferforum.org to download the guideline.

Marine methods for offshore access can be a safe, flexible and efficient alternative to aviation. In some parts of the world marine transfer is the primary method for transporting crews to offshore installations, in other areas marine and aviation methods are used alongside each other to provide a comprehensive access solution. In recent years there has been greater consideration of the risks of helicopter transportation, at the same time there have been significant improvements in the design of personnel carriers and vessel advancements, improving the safety record of marine transfer. Transferring small numbers of people between installations or in emergencies can be done quickly and efficiently marine methods.

A rigid device requires less dependence on human factors such as timing the exit/entry and strength required to hold on to a collapsible basket. A Reflex Marine rigid carrier provides the greatest protection from the 4 key risks of crane transfer; falling, vertical impact (heavy landing), lateral impact (side collision) and immersion. Reflex Marine’s transfer carriers come with a recommended operating parameter, this ensures passengers are protected, the parameter varies between products. Our experienced team can help you select a device right for your operating conditions. See our product comparison document here:

Testing, Verification and Certification

Reflex Marine carriers have undergone the most rigorous testing and verification programme of any transfer carrier on the market. This ensures the designs are fully optimised to protect passengers from the risks associated with marine transfer by crane. The carriers are subject to: • Full-scale immersion and self-righting testing • Full-scale impact testing, both vertical and lateral testing. Test data is acquired using accelerometers and high speed photography. Watch the testing videos of the FROG-XT and WAVE-4.

We work with our clients across the globe to ensure our products meet local regulations. Please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your certification requirements. • All of our carriers are CE marked and come with an EC Declaration of Conformity. • An ABS Statement of Fact is available upon request. • All of our carriers are manufactured within an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing quality system.

Features and Benefits

All current Reflex Marine personnel transfer carriers have the capacity to transfer injured personnel. They can carry at least one stretcher and one accompanying passenger when converted to MedEvac mode. Download the product comparison table for detailed information on each model.

Depending on your operating conditions there are multiple benefits that can be gained from using a harness. If conditions are extreme and passengers are wearing heavy PPE harnesses remove the human factor risk. If conditions are rough passengers will be secure during landing. We match our carriers to your operating conditions. Other passenger security options are available for calmer conditions. Our WAVE-4 transfer carrier keeps passengers secure in conditions up to 2m Significant Wave Height.

There are benefits to being both seated and standing. Depending on your specific operating conditions we can recommend the right product for you.

Ownership and Support

Reflex Marine offers expert training in the operation and maintenance of all its crane transfer devices and these are delivered at scheduled events throughout the year or at your own facility. Operational courses can also be delivered offshore where required.

Our recommended landing spaces are based on the size of each individual carrier and risk assessments. The landing area on moving platforms, i.e. vessel decks, is more critical than on fixed platforms and operators should take into consideration sea state, weather and vessel station keeping. A risk assessment is recommended to assess any out of the ordinary operations. For more on landing spaces see the User Manual for your carrier, download here.

All replacement parts and accessories when not in use should be stored in dry conditions and be visually inspected prior to use. Particular attention should be paid to lifting assemblies which are integral to ensuring safe lifting operations. Lifting assemblies should not be stored with the cover fitted or in areas where it may be subject to:

• Mechanical damage

• Contact with abrasive or corrosive materials

• Contact with water or water spray

Further storage guidance can be found in our product user manuals which can be downloaded here

Reflex Marine carriers have been designed for the harsh conditions on an offshore installation or vessel. However, it is still important to protect your unit as much as possible from any hazardous elements and UV degradation.

It is recommended that the unit is covered with a product specific weatherproof cover whilst not in use.

Prolonged periods of exposure to hot decks and self-weight can cause permanent set deformation of the elastomeric feet. It is advised that if the transfer carrier is to be stored for prolonged periods of inactivity then a set of chocks should be used raise the feet from the deck.

Contact us for further information: support@reflexmarine.com

The recommended maintenance requirements are included in the product User Manuals, maintenance schedules are dependent on usage levels of the device. Find your product User Manual here.

Servicing can be carried out at our facility in Aberdeen or by one of our Approved Service Partners around the world. On-site servicing at a location convenient to you is available on request.


Yes, all of our devices are available to rent or lease. Our rental options start from as little as 15 days and extend to 3 year term lease agreements. Units are normally available at short notice but we advise booking to ensure we have a device available when you need it. Contact your nearest Reflex Marine representative for more information.

All of our accessories have been designed or selected to enhance the use of our products. We can supply:

  • PPE (including life jackets)
  • Protective Covers • Strobe Lights
  • Stretchers and accessories
  • Luggage Storage
  • Maintenance Equipment

For more details on our accessories please download the accessories brochure or contact us.

All of our carriers are available to buy, rent or lease. We work with clients to find a suitable solution for their transfer needs. Packages that include accessories are available, they offer savings on some of the most popular order configurations. Our Business Managers are available to talk you through any of our carriers and packages. Call us on +441872 321155 for assistance.

Our products are of high quality and designed to last, they provide commercially competitive lifecycle costs compared to transfer baskets. Depending on usage levels our carriers are designed to have a lifespan of up to 10 years (which may be extended subject to consultation). As with all lifting equipment, our personnel carriers are subject to on-going inspection and maintenance schedules, including periodical change out of critical parts in order to maintain the integrity and safety of the carrier.

When you purchase a crane transfer device from Reflex Marine you will also receive a User Pack which includes: • User Manual • Comprehensive multilingual training CD/DVD • Induction and training presentation • North Sea Lifting Rigging and Lifting Handbook • Documentation pack All carriers come with a 12 month warranty. All of our carriers are supplied with the recommended two-leg lifting assembly and mesh cover made from anti-condensation breathable fabric. Your documentation pack will contain the relevant certificates such as an EC Declaration of Conformity, as well as certificates for critical parts and load tests. You will also receive lifetime support for your product from our experienced and helpful staff as well as our global network of Approved Partners.

Our Experience

Reflex Marine personnel transfer carriers are used worldwide by industry leaders including BP, Chevron, Exxon, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Total, Transocean and Sakhalin Energy. From the arctic to the tropics Reflex Marine’s crane transfer devices are being used in every environment. To see more of our clients, visit our client page or read some client case studies.