Offering a cutting edge solution for high volume transfers, the FROG-XT10 has been designed for ultimate safety.

Render of FROG-XT10


Thoroughly tested, the FROG-XT's floating and self-righting capabilities provide extensive protection against immersion.

New hybrid, impact absorbing seats with an improved seatbelt design. Enhanced suspension system provides smoother damped motions.

Protects passengers from side impacts.

Enhanced rigging protection and easier ‘eye level’ connection for slings, improving access for pre-transfer inspections.

EVA Shock Absorbing feet provide passengers with protection against vertical impact.

The improved 3-point quick release harness is easier to put on and provides passengers with protection from whiplash and falling.

High performance hydro-pneumatic spring damper provides enhanced vertical impact protection.

Increased capacity and average passenger weight. Increased operating envelope - now up to 4 m significant wave.

Taking minutes to convert to Medevac mode, the FROG-XT10 can accommodate two casualties and two accompanying seated passengers.


Building on the long safety record of the FROG-9, the FROG-XT10 represents the next stage in high volume marine personnel transfer.

This 10-person carrier meets the industry demand for increased capacity, with even greater levels of protection. Easily converted to MedEvac mode, it can transport two stretcher casualties and two passengers. 

The FROG-XT10 offers protection from the marine transfer risks of heavy landings, side impacts, falling and immersion.

The FROG-XT10:

  • Fully tested and verified.
  • Increased operating envelope.
  • Simple inspection and maintenance.
  • Transports two stretchers and two passengers in MedEvac mode.

Accessories and replacement parts

To keep your device ready when you are, we hold a stock of replacement parts. This means you’ll enjoy shorter lead times and less downtime, with the added benefit of lower packing and freight costs.

There are also a number of accessories available for the FROG-XT10, which can be purchased at point of sale, directly from us, or through your local approved partner.

Purchase options

Each of our carriers is fully inspected and maintained, and will be supplied with certification and supporting documents. All are manufactured in the UK and stocked at our base in Aberdeen, with many also available through our global partner network.

If you’d prefer a temporary solution, or would like to trial a device before purchase, you can rent a FROG-XT10. This can be helpful if your regular carrier is being serviced, or if you’re carrying out higher volume transfers for a short period of time.

For more details about purchasing or renting a device, contact our experienced sales team or one of our Approved Partners.

To read more about the FROG-XT10, download the User Manual

Product Dimensions Operational limits Passengers Max Gross Weight Temperature Features
W1 4090mm / 161"
W2 2660mm / 105"
2180mm / 86"
Operational limits
Significant wave height (SWH) up to 3.3m / 10'8"
Wind speed up to 40 knots / 20m/s
Passengers 10 persons or 2 persons plus stretcher Max Gross Weight 2120kg / 4674lbs Temperature
Standard -20°C to +50°C
(-4ºF to +122ºF)
Arctic -40ºC to +50ºC
(-40ºF to +122ºF)
  • MedEvac Mode