By sharing our experience we help overcome crew transfer challenges and continue raising industry standards.

We are collaborating, promoting risk based decisions and prioritising safety to continue raising the standards of personnel transfers.

We can help if you are:

  • Evaluating marine transfer methods
  • Looking to implement crane transfer
  • Switching crane transfer products
  • Reviewing your current crane transfer operations
TORO-4 crane device from Reflex Marine in transfer.

Crane Transfer Implementation

Through research, design and innovation we have the expertise and technologies to help make your crew logistics operation safer, reliable, cost-effective and more resilient to weather than if you were running a helicopter-based alternative.

Operational Reviews

You can benefit from desk or site based evaluation of your operational data, we then recommend risk reduction measures. Scope of assessment includes: installation layout, cranes, local metocean conditions, company procedures, risk assessments, specific lifting strategies and crew competence.

Relevant and local legislation and regulations will be highlighted and recommended practices to adhere to them will be provided.

Crew in the TORO-4 transfer device from Reflex Marine.


Our surveys gather feedback from Crews and Passengers. This information is then used to highlight areas for improvement, as well as identify examples of best practice.

Survey results are presented back in a report. Our survey service is free of charge.