We help our clients achieve safe and efficient crew transfers and crane-based work access. We continue to raise industry standards by sharing our knowledge and expertise.

By engaging in cross-industry research activities we encourage collaboration; prioritising safety through risk-based decision making and continuing to raise the standards of offshore operations and industry innovation.

Through consultancy projects, we become involved early in the project life cycle to better understand risks and to help operators enhance industry best practices in their planning processes.

We can help if you are:

  • Considering the implementation of crane transfer for either routine or contingency purposes
  • Optimising your crew and cargo transfer operations
  • Performing quantitative and qualitative risk analysis for work at height (W@H) access
  • Evaluating vessels or cranes to optimise safe crew transfers
  • Developing competency profiles and training strategies for your crews

Our website contains a wealth of open data as part of our support for groups such as the Marine Transfer Forum.

Drawing on 25 years of experience as an industry leader, our consultancy service can provide a range of flexible options for supporting your operations, helping you to achieve the highest levels of safety and efficiency in crew transfers and W@H.

Crane Transfer System Implementation

Through research, design and operational planning we have the expertise to help make your crew and cargo logistics safer, more reliable and cost-effective, and to offer safe and reliable alternatives to helicopter transfers even in the most challenging conditions. We can help you develop a customised plan to implement the most-suitable crane-based transfer and access solutions.   

Operational Reviews

We provide desktop or site-based evaluation of your operational data, to recommend risk reduction measures by analysis and assessment of:

  • Environmental assessments including local met-ocean conditions
  • Vessel specifications and evaluations
  • Procedural evaluations (installation layout, cranes, vessels, company procedures, crew competence etc.)
  • Comparison to alternative transfer methods
  • Planning recommendations and operational strategies

Relevant and local legislation and regulations will be highlighted throughout and recommendations noted on how to adhere to them.

User Surveys

We work closely with clients to gain operational insights and to address practical issues highlighted by staff. Our User Surveys gather feedback from crews and passengers which is then used to highlight areas for improvement, as well as identifying examples of best practice.

Survey results are presented in report form free of charge to the client as we incorporate the learning and key findings into our own operational guidance and inspection and maintenance procedures for all our products to continually ensure the highest standards of worker safety.

Product development

Reflex Marine’s Innovation Team is well versed in the design of bespoke solutions for your specific marine transfer challenges.

All our product development is based on factual operational data and best proven technologies. Identifying the major risks in current operations prescribes the nature of the strategy developed to address them.

For example: a Consultancy project for Seaway-7 where collaboration to evaluate the risks of work at height with standard steel work basket entailed the review of incident data over 30 years to identify recurring safety problems.

A new design of product systematically addressed those identified risks, both separately and wholly, to provide a safe and reliable alternative – the STORM-WORK work-basket

All our product designs are subjected to rigorous testing and verification programmes.

Blueprints of the FROG-XT4 by Reflex Marine.

Speak to our Innovations Team to discuss your requirements or look at our Innovation page to see the current products we’re developing or have in concept.