Marine Transfer Forum

People all over the world face the same kind of industry challenges and questions as you. Our forums are a way to share feedback, information and experience.

An offshore crew have been safely transferred using a Reflex Marine device.

The Marine Transfer Forum focusses on the transfer of personnel to and from offshore installations by marine methods. Unlike the highly regulated aviation industry, marine practices vary greatly from region to region. It is run by an independent steering group from organisations such as operators, lifting and transfer specialists, and trade bodies.  Its aims are to:

  • Raise standards
  • Increase awareness
  • Gather better data
  • Develop better reporting
  • Share good practice
  • Improve equipment and services

Benefits to members and the wider offshore industry include:

  • Gaining access to the most comprehensive data and reports available on offshore marine transfer
  • Helping your organisation to operate to the highest safety standards
  • Share knowledge and advice with other organisations with a shared interest in moving people offshore in the safest ways possible

Reflex Marine is proud to be a founding member along with other organisations showing leadership in this area.  Visit to learn more.

Moving people by crane fulfils a vital role for offshore operators and each year in the industry, around 20 million passenger transfers are carried out globally, with similar numbers being transferred by helicopter and vessel.
After a safe crew transfer using a Reflex Marine device, a ship sails away from an oil rig.