Helping you ensure safety and operational readiness of your equipment

Regular maintenance saves you time and money. To make the most out of your offshore equipment service it regularly according to OEM recommendations.

Servicing with Reflex Marine

How we can help you

From routine maintenance to damage repair, Reflex Marine and its global network of certified technicians have the expertise to ensure safety and operational readiness of your crew and cargo crane transfer equipment. We can help you by providing servicing and maintenance in a timely and high quality manner wherever you are in the world.

Reflex Marine offers you efficient, reliable support and quality servicing:

  • We use the latest OEM parts to ensure integrity of your equipment.
  • We can create a tailored service schedule for you so that your carrier is always ready to go.
  • We offer servicing at a location that suits you: at one of our global Approved Service Centres or at your site, on or offshore.
  • We can provide you with advice and guidance on how to implement regular unit servicing into your internal equipment maintenance procedures.

Get in touch with our team to arrange servicing or for further support and advice. 

You can find your most up-to-date User Manual and other useful resources in the downloads section of our website.

In-house maintenance

Get trained to perform maintenance in-house

You may wish to maintain your Reflex Marine equipment in-house. In that case, we offer a range of customizable training courses to teach your staff the requirements and practice of unit inspection, maintenance and repair.

Please visit the training section for more information.

Reflex Marine staff maintain a crane transfer device.

Further support

Bringing your crew home safely is our priority.

Lifting people is a safety-critical activity and that’s why we developed simple-to-follow Inspection & Maintenance schedules with guidelines on replacement parts and regular servicing requirements for all our crew and cargo transfer devices – helping you ensure the safety of your crew at all times during transfer operations. These can be found in your product's User Manual available to download here.

We understand how important it is to have your equipment ready to use whenever you need it. Our experts are at hand with additional support to help you maintain the operational readiness of your unit. Any questions? Get in touch with our team. 

Our Inspection & Maintenance recommendations are based on risk assessments and operational experience, they are in place to protect your passengers and ensure the long lifespan of your carrier.