Whether it’s routine maintenance or replacement parts, we’ll keep you running with efficient servicing and repairs.


From routine maintenance to damage repair, Reflex Marine and our Approved Service Centres have the experience needed to ensure your carrier is operating safely.

  • We can create a tailored service schedule for you, so your carrier is always ready to go.
  • Servicing can take place at a location that suits you: At one of our global Approved Service Centres, or we can arrange for technicians to come to your site, on or offshore.
Reflex Marine staff maintain a crane transfer device.

We can provide training so you can carry out your own inspections and maintenance.

Our comprehensive training will familiarise you and your team with your carrier. Choose from our introductory or advanced course, where you will learn the requirements and practice of unit inspection, maintenance and repair.

Find out more about our training courses here.

Replacement Parts

A close up of the sophisticated engineering of a Reflex Marine transfer device.

We can help you with the supply and management of replacement parts.

The benefits of holding stock include:

  • Reduced downtime due to scheduled maintenance and inspection or unscheduled repairs.
  • Reduced shipping costs through consolidated purchases and deliveries.
  • Reduced number of transactions and communications, saving you time.

Your User Manual outlines the replacements parts that may be required. For assistance with a parts stock holding recommendation please contact us.

Our Approved Distributors and Approved Service Centres also hold all the parts you require for routine maintenance of your transfer carrier.