You've bought one of our groundbreaking transfer devices; now what? Help is on hand with support from our expert training service.

Operational Courses

Our operational courses focus on how to use our equipment, they are suitable for both passengers and operators of the equipment.


Aimed at passengers or crew and covers general operation and emergency procedures.

  • PPE | Passenger loading | Seat Harness Operation | Stretcher Installation

Product Familiarisation

This course is focused on the complete use of our products and covers both theoretical and practical elements, including the following:

  • Introduction to crane transfer and risks | Introduction to our personnel carrier ranges | Transfer Planning and operations | Passenger inductions | Pre-use checks | Passenger loading | Stretcher Installation
A member of the Reflex Marine team talks clients through using the FROG device.

Inspection and maintenance courses

Inspection and maintenance courses

Providing general information and practical training for technicians, inspectors and supervisors. Courses vary between 1-3 days depending on your requirements. On successful completion participants are awarded a certificate that is valid for 2 years.

All course include both theoretical and practical elements:

  • Introduction to crane transfer | Crane transfer risks | Introduction to our personnel carrier ranges | Group Exercises | Inspection & Maintenance – schedules and practices
  • Pre-Use Checks | Visual inspections | Examinations | Load testing | Common repairs

Online Courses

Our online courses are designed to provide an introduction to our products remotely. Bespoke online training sessions are also available, to suit your specific requirements.

The following courses are available pre-sale and post-sale:

  • Product Familiarisation Overview: An introduction into the use of our products
  • Crew and Passenger Briefings: This course is aimed at crew and passengers, covering general operating and emergency procedures.
  • Principles of Inspection and Maintenance: Covers the main maintenance procedures and checklists.
The Reflex Marine support, training and maintenance team pose with two FROG devices.

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