Render of FROG-6


Provides self-righting and flotation, which protects passengers in the unlikely event of immersion.

MedEvac mode can accommodate a medic and stretcher-bound casualty in a safe environment, benefiting from heavy landing and immersion protection.

3-point harnesses, as used in free fall lifeboats, provide passenger safety, comfort and rapid egress, and protect passengers from falling.

Seating mounted on coil springs, combined with gas dampers, protects passengers from vertical impacts (heavy landings).

Polymer foam shock absorbing landing feet help to reduce vertical impacts (heavy landings).

A stainless steel frame, coupled with the buoyancy, protects passengers from side impacts.

Single central load column is difficult to damage and there is no welding on the critical load path, eliminating risk of weld related stress.

Why FROG-6?

The FROG-6 was designed to provide substantially increased transfer rates. In addition, it offers you:

  • Increased efficiency, as vessels and cranes are tied up for less time.
  • Reduced crew change times.
  • Reduced risk as vessels spend less time working in close proximity to offshore structures.
  • Small footprint with capacity for six people.

Accommodating six people while also having MedEvac capabilities, the FROG-6 is versatile, as well as robust and long-lasting enough to offer all the safety, value and cost-efficiency you’re looking for.

Testing and verification

When designing our crane transfer devices we identified the potential risks involved in personnel transfer and addressed these through the design and testing process.

Subjected to rigorous design and verification, the FROG-6 is:

  • CE Marked.
  • ABS Type Approved.
  • Built to ISO9001:2000 standards.

The FROG-6 has also undergone immersion trials to ensure it is able to self-right and float in water.

What does this mean for you?

These industry recognised standards provide reassurance of the FROG-6's capabilities. This means that both operators and passengers can have confidence when carrying out marine personnel transfers.

Product Dimensions Operational limits Passengers Max Gross Weight Temperature Features
W1 2410mm / 95"
W2 2758mm / 109"
2766mm / 109"
Operational limits
Significant wave height (SWH) up to 3.5m / 11'5"
Wind speed up to 40 knots / 20m/s
Passengers 6 persons or 1 person plus stretcher Max Gross Weight 1200kg / 2646lbs Temperature
Standard -20°C to +50°C
(-4ºF to +122ºF)
Arctic -40ºC to +50ºC
(-40ºF to +122ºF)
  • MedEvac Mode