Replacement parts

Helping you ensure safety and operational readiness of your equipment.

Request a quote

To request a quotation for replacement parts for your unit email us directly at or find your local distributor here

In order to ensure smooth processing of your request, please have the following information ready: unit serial number, unit usage category, unit age, delivery location, any images or supporting documents and information.

Which parts?

The Inspection & Maintenance schedules list the recommended replacement parts kits for your Reflex Marine carrier’s regular maintenance. Each kit contains the parts required for the scope of work. These recommendations are designed to help you ensure the safety and integrity of your carriers.

The frequency of regular maintenance and part replacements depends on the usage category of your carrier. More details on this can be found in the product’s User Manual which you can download here.

Regular maintenance saves you time and money. To make the most out of your offshore equipment service it regularly according to OEM recommendations.

Further support

Maintain your unit to the highest standard by using Original Equipment Manufacturer’s replacement parts which ensure optimal performance of your carrier. Our original parts are of the highest quality and comply with Reflex Marine equipment testing results. Using OEM parts also guarantees smooth and easy servicing as the parts properly fit and work as intended and prolongs the lifespan of your unit. Finally, Reflex Marine will always provide you with the latest and most enhanced version of the parts, ensuring you get the highest level of safety with the parts used.

Reflex Marine’s support team can help you with the supply and management of replacement parts.

The benefits of holding stock of replacement parts include:

  • Reduced shipping costs through consolidated purchases and deliveries.
  • Reduced number of transactions and communications, saving you time.
  • Reduced downtime with scheduled maintenance and inspection or due to unscheduled repairs.

We’re happy to work with you in order to ensure that replacement parts are available when required and can schedule contracted deliveries to meet your maintenance schedules.

Contact us for assistance with a buying parts or for advice and recommendations with regard to stock holding.