Complete passenger protection. Offshore crew transfer carrier with the smallest footprint.

Render of FROG-XT2


Thoroughly tested, the FROG-XT2’s floating and self-righting capabilities provide extensive protection against immersion as well as impact.

Easy visibility and access to all critical components for simple inspection & maintenance. Weld-free critical load path.

Contoured anti-snagging profile for easier and safer manouvering.

Smallest footprint of any rigid personnel transfer carrier on the market: 1.6m by 1.6m.

Ergonomic profile, fast emergency evacuation harness and complete passenger protection from vertical and lateral impacts.

Spring-damper, shock-absorbing suspension system for passenger safety and comfort.


Current industry solutions for transfer of passengers to restricted landing zones such as the wind turbine’s transition piece are widely deemed dangerous and difficult. What's more, methods such as bump and jump or helicopter transfer are highly weather-dependent.

Reflex Marine’s FROG-XT2 draws on nearly 30 years of experience in ergonomic design and marine safety bringing you a compact and safe personnel transfer carrier with capacity for 2 passengers.

Some of the key features of the FROG-XT2 are:

  • High operating envelope - operational up to 3.2m significant wave height.
  • Small footprint allowing for easy manoeuvring access even to confined spaces.
  • All components made from durable corrosion resistant materials suitable for offshore environments.
  • Light-weight and composite materials used to reduce crane loads.
  • Suitable for use down to -20oC.
  • Simple inspection and maintenance procedures, easily replaceable components.
  • Long product lifespan.


The original concept for a 1-2 passenger carrier was developed and tested in 2015 but the final design for the FROG-XT2 was a result of cross-industry collaboration which started in 2019. 

Reflex Marine engages multiple industry partners in the development processes of new concepts. The FROG-XT2 was developed with support from Seasight Davits and implementing requirements specific to the offshore wind industry noted by a global leader on the market - Orsted.

The FROG-XT2 was developed using state of the art design technologies. The process was supported extensively by VR (virtual-reality) modelling, which enabled our team of experts in the UK to experience the space inside the capsule, the sitting position, and the spatial awareness of passengers.

Purchase options

Manufactured in the UK, all products are stocked at our base in Aberdeen. Many are also available regionally, in a location convenient for you, through our partner network. All carriers are fully inspected, maintained and supplied with certification and supporting documents.

If you need a personnel transfer device for a short period of time, or would simply like to trial one before purchasing, we offer a rental option. This is an ideal solution for reducing downtime while your existing devices are serviced, or for providing extra transfer capacity during the construction phase of a project.

Our rental and leasing terms are very flexible, and we’ll happily work with you to create a tailored agreement that meets your needs. 

Contact our experienced sales team to request a quotation and for more information.

Product Dimensions Operational limits Passengers Max Gross Weight Temperature Features
W1 1600mm / 62"
W2 1600mm / 62"
2071mm / 82"
Operational limits
Significant wave height (SWH) up to 3.2 m
Wind speed up to 40 knots / 20m/s
Passengers 2 persons Max Gross Weight 500kg / 1102lbs Temperature
Standard -20°c to +50
(-4°F to +122°F)
Arctic Not specified
  • EN14502 Crane Certificate - Equipment for lifting of persons