An innovative and safe access solution for the offshore wind sector, a result of cross-sector collaboration.

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About Osprey

The design of the Osprey Personnel Access Solution meets the four key demands for operation and maintenance access in the offshore wind sector.

  • Increased accessibility
  • Safety
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Reliability

Osprey is based on the established method of winch-based access used widely in offshore energy, with millions of safe transfers each year.

Making effective use of existing assets

The same platform crane is used for personnel and cargo transfers, the crane is adapted for remote control from the vessel. The FROG-XT transfer carrier and supporting guidance provides a proven and safe method for performing safe transfers.

Building competence

By designing out risk we have reduced reliance on human responses. Crew members will always have a key role in ensuring safety. We support crews by providing comprehensive training for vessel crews, technicians and operations managers, to ensure high levels of risk awareness and competency.

Emergency operations

The Osprey Personnel Access System enables the transfer of injured personnel in a safe, efficient and cost-effective way.

As well as protecting against the key risks associated with crane transfer: falling, lateral impacts, heavy landings and immersion, the FROG-XT can carry a stretcher for emergency evacuation.

As an essential part of operations our emergency training in integrated with our access training. It includes the most common scenarios such as evacuation of sick or injured personnel and asset evacuation, and we promote regular drills to ensure the effective response of crews.

Why winch-based access

  • Proven safety – Around six million safe crane transfers are performed each year in the offshore energy sector. Independently verified data indicates that this method is significantly safer than the main alternative of helicopter transit. Recent technological advancements, with an emphasis on minimising reliance on human responses, are raising safety standards further.
  • Increased weather window – Modern crane transfer solutions mean users are performing safe transfers even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Cost effective – By working with standard material handling equipment normally installed on a wind turbine, we’re optimising use of existing assets. Through lightweight and simple to fit components we’re maximising vessel performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Flexibility – Osprey CTVs can provide reliable year round access, either providing exclusive field support or complementing higher cost alternatives such as Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) or helicopters. The simple CTV modifications increases transfer capacity, fleet flexibility and interchangeability.
  • Reliability - Achieved by focusing on simplicity and the use of proven methodologies.
  • Emergency capability – With stretcher carrying capability, safe evacuation of sick or injured personnel is possible.

Osprey delivery

The Osprey team assist you in each step of implementing the fully integrated access solution, from system design and resource management, to training and evaluation of your operations.


  • Site evaluation – Met-ocean data, field infrastructure and asset design.
  • Logistics –Frequency, timings, accessibility.
  • Vessel and crane services – Specification, selection and operation of the vessel and crane.
  • Transfer services - Specification, selection and operation of the transfer method.
  • Safety – Risk assessment, control measures and subsequent procedures.
  • Efficiency – Assessment of transfer times and system up time.
  • Emergency planning – Emergency contingency planning and provision.
  • Crew competence – Selection, evaluation and training.
  • Performance review – Develop key performance indicators for safety and system performance, monitoring, reporting and continuous improvement.

We are offering initial assessments free of charge, then by working with you we develop a system that meets your specific needs.

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