Marine Ambulance

Developed with the proven features of the FROG-XT range, the Marine Ambulance enables mass evacuation of casualties.

Render of Marine Ambulance

About Marine Ambulance

Reflex Marine’s standard FROG-XT transfer carriers convert to accommodate a stretcher and have a proven field track record in assisting with medical emergencies around the world.  In response to demand from the marine industry, we now offer a purpose designed FROG-XT Marine Ambulance.

The device is designed to help operators prepare for major emergencies requiring mass-evacuation of casualties. The main characteristics of this MedEvac unit are: 

  • Capacity for up to 10 stretchers with two additional positions for paramedics.
  • Casualties are transferred in a highly protective environment, minimising the risks of further harm.
  • Stretchers can be secured quickly and easily, recognising that in emergencies time is of the essence.

Transfer devices can accommodate essential paramedical equipment, such as drips and oxygen.