Shell - Netherlands

Forming part of a flexible personnel access system, a FROG-XT4 is in use on Wagenborg's Kroonborg vessel as a back-up device and for medical evacuations.

Shell UK and NAM have gained significant operational and cost benefits since implementing Wagenborg’s Kroonborg offshore maintenance support vessel. Centralising access and transfer capability on the vessel has reduced the need for cranes on platforms, whilst workability is maximised through a flexible walk to work and crane transfer system.

The Kroonborg is fitted with the world’s first motion compensated crane, the T40 from Barge Master, and when used to transfer personnel with a Reflex Marine FROG-XT4, operating limits are extended to a significant wave height of 3m. This translates to 95% workability. The risk of swinging and collisions of the carrier are eliminated since roll, pitch and heave are fully compensated

“The FROG-XT is used to lift personnel from the platform onto the Kroonborg as an emergency back-up system and we have the device on constant standby. For example, if there is a medical emergency on the platform and it is not possible to retrieve the injured person by gangway, the FROG-XT can be used as an alternative method to lift off the injured person from the platform to the Kroonborg.”

Andre Tap, HSEQ Manager

The EN13852-1 man riding certified T40 crane and FROG-XT4 can be used in the event of mechanical breakdown of the walk to work system. It can also be used for medical evacuations, as the FROG-XT4 can carry a stretcher with an accompanying passenger.