Stena Drilling - North West Africa

Following years of successfully using the FROG-3 on the Stena Carron and Stena Don in Europe, Canada and Africa, Stena Drilling upgraded to a FROG-XT4.

Stena Drilling have been using a FROG-3 for many years on both the Stena Carron vessel and the semi-sub Stena Don on drilling projects in Europe, Canada and Africa. When the new FROG-XT range was launched, the company upgraded their FROG-3 to a FROG-XT4 for use on the Stena Carron.

The Stena Carron is a dynamically positioned drillship capable of working in harsh environments and drilling in water depths of up to 10,000ft. The vessel is currently located off North West Africa and the FROG-XT4 is the principal and preferred method of crew change. Crew transfers occur at least once a week.

“The FROG-XT4 feels robust and passengers feel protected when being transferred in the device.”
Craig Miller, Barge Master

The increased capacity of the new FROG-XT4 has helped improve efficiency for larger crew changes as fewer transfer lifts are required. This not only saves time but reduces risk.

Stena Drilling have found that pre-use inspections are now easier to carry out as a result of the improvements made to the lifting arrangement. Greater visibility and accessibility make it simple to ensure the safety of the unit before each transfer.

“So far it has been the Bosuns who have been clocking up the most ‘air miles’. The FROG-XT helps our crews to get home safely. This, coupled with the ultimate joy of departure for leave, is why we all like the FROGs so much.”
Allan Matheson, Master/OIM