Protecting workers from the risks of working in the marine environment.

Render of Storm-Work

About Storm-work

Working at height over water has added risks compared to working on land, however similar equipment is often used. Reflex Marine is applying its 20 years’ experience of ergonomic design and marine safety to developing a safer solution to protect workers from the added risks of working in a marine environment. In response to demand from our customers we are developing a safer crane operated marine work capsule.

  • Anti-snagging profile: reduced risk of dangerous hang up on asset structures.
  • Impact protection: from hard landings or collisions.
  • Immersion protection: in the worst case of immersion in water, the flotation and self-righting allows workers to escape to a safe position.
  • Ergonomic work space: for carrying out a wide range of tasks such as inspections, painting and repair work.

Safer working in marine environments

Reflex Marine is developing products relevant to our clients’ needs. We welcome feedback on our innovations. Please contact us at +44 (0) 1872 321155 or email, if this product could be relevant to your operations and to share any thoughts on how we could better meet your requirements.