Our latest innovation in safe offshore personnel transfer: FROG-XT2 is our personnel transfer carrier with the smallest footprint.

Render of FROG-XT2


Current industry solutions for transfer of passengers to restricted landing zones such as the wind turbine’s transition piece are widely deemed dangerous and difficult. On the other hand methods such as bump and jump or helicopter transfer are highly weather-dependent. Reflex Marine’s FROG-XT2 draws on 25 years of experience in ergonomic design and marine safety bringing you a compact and safe personnel transfer carrier for capacity of 2 passengers.

Some of the key features of the FROG-XT2 are:

  • Small footprint allowing for easy manoeuvring access to even confined spaces
  • All components made from durable corrosion resistant materials suitable for offshore environments.
  • Light weight and composite materials used to reduce crane loads.
  • Suitable for use up to -20C
  • Simple field inspection and maintenance, easily replaceable components
  • Long product lifespan


The original concept for a 1-2 passenger carrier was developed and tested in 2015.

Reflex Marine engages multiple industry partners in the development processes of new concepts. The FROG-XT2 is being developed with support from Seasight Davits and implementing some requirements specific to the offshore wind industry noted by a global leader in the market - Orsted.

The FROG-XT2 was developed using state of the art software solutions. The design was supported extensively by 3D VR (virtual-reality) modelling, which enabled us to occupy the space in 3D in a very realistic way.  Through the use of a 3D VR portal (3-dimensional virtual reality portal) in the UK we were able to engage a wide team of experts in the conceptual work. 


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